Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pink Baby Blanket - Crocheted

Monday, December 15, 2008...I finished the pink blankie I was working on for the Marine Corp Kids last week and shipped it last Saturday. I also made a pink Baby's First Teddy to accompany it. Hope it makes it there in time for Christmas delivery! It came out very pretty, I think, and it is sure to warm and cheer up any baby girl's sweet little room. Now, on to my next project . . .


Sandy said...

Your cakes and the love of giving to others is soooooooooooo awesome. I'm not a baker at all, so always admire those with the talent to do that.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, for adding my button to your blog and I would love to have you and your members make hats, scarfs, mittens etc for our Bridge Project.

This pink blankie is adorable!

You can be a part of the group with or without being "official". The fun of being official is that you can post a blog and or share pictures. Without being official you can post comments just like we do in normal blog situations. I can add whomever wants to be official by listing their email ady to my settings. So, let me know Susan if the email you gave me is yours or the groups, I was a little uncertain about that. is the one on the email you sent me.

Have a wonderful day. I look forward to staying in touch with you and your group!


Sandy said...

Left you a really long comment; but didn't see it so unsure if there was a computer gliche? Will check back later in case it just takes a while for the update.

Thanks Sandy

the cake angels said...

Thank you, Sandy! What you said was very nice and you're welcome! What you are doing is just as awesome and it is very nice to meet you through these blogs. So far it is just me that is posting to our cake angels blog, because my sister had her baby today! yay! I just created this blog at the end of November, so I am still a little rusty with all that is available. Your explanation helped. I created just one email for our little group, but I am sure I will be the only moderator on the blog for now anyway. So, is correct. And, I already started a scarf! Thanks again for the acceptance. ~susan

Sandy said...

Me rounding again from Bridge and Beyond. Trying hard to get things updated, documented. Where are you from? Trying hard to get a state listed by everyone's name. Today am visiting all bloggers who've donated who still don't have one listed. Please pop over to Bridge and Beyond and leave a comment with the info so I can update records etc. Thanks