Saturday, December 31, 2011


Hi there! The Cake Angels was born out of a love for baking cakes in the kitchen with our kids and a love for the sweet celebration of a loved-one's birthday. A seed was planted. Out of that seed grew a bountiful harvest of desire to extend our love of home-baked, home-made items to the community surrounding us.

Our Angels are the most special volunteers on earth who have each brought their own unique qualities to our group to mix together, stir, bake, and frost a delicious baked-in-the-home birthday cake to share with those who need us the most - those who are in hospice. Birthdays. Candles. Singing. Presents. Chocolate. Vanilla. Ice cream. Cake! Ahh, sweet, precious memories of a lifetime of celebrating our birthdays through the years. How could we allow any soul at all to miss their birthday at a time in their life when they are at their most vulnerable?

We must not forget our sisters and brothers in this world, and we must not forget the one day that brought them forth into this life. We must remember. We must celebrate. God calls on us to love them. Sharing our talents and spatulas and vanilla extract is a way for us to share our love... and also our prayers for them. Each cake is not only baked with our love folded in, but we also set our time aside to say prayers for the birthday girl or guy that will go out with each birthday cake we make. That is our most favorite part of our ministry and brings all of us together in a special place in the safe arms of Our Heavenly Father. Where there is Love, there are Angels.Where there are eggs, butter, sugar, and milk... well, there are The Cake Angels! Happy Birthday!

~~~Handmade Donations
Oh! The Cake Angels also make handmade items to donate, such as prayer scarves for the elderly, the sick, and shut-ins . . . blankets, hats, sweaters, and booties for newborns and preemies . . . scarves, hats, and blankets for the homeless and those in need of some warmth. . .and whatever else we can "craft" up to give with our love. Our handmade items are chock-full of prayers and well-wishes for those who are receiving our handmade treasures. Check out our postings below to see what we've been working on lately! Thanks for stopping by!
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